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About The JUDICATE WEST Foundation

The Judicate West Foundation provides grants to grant applicants for funding mediation and arbitration services to those that can't afford or don't have access to sufficient legal or dispute resolution services. The foundation has made a positive impact on people's lives and the community as a whole. Judicate West is honored to help foster constructive approaches to resolving conflict in communities.

With your help, we are confident we will be able to have a significant impact in meeting the goals we have identified. With the funds we raise, we plan to provide financial assistance to various organizations that are providing services that are in line with these purposes. We do not anticipate providing services ourselves; we will provide support to US based non-profit organizations. However, some of these US non-profits may in turn provide support and services to international charitable organizations.

Foundation News

Western Justice Center Grant Awarded

With the assistance of donations and pledges from Judicate West and others, we are excited to report the funding of one grant to date during the curre... Read More >>

Our Board Members


Hon. Judith C. Chirlin, Ret.
Board Member and President


Rosemarie Chiusano Drohan
Board Member and Executive Director


Darrell Forgey, Esq.
Board Member


Var Fox
Board Member


Jay Cordell Horton, Esq.
Board Member


Michael Moorhead, Esq.
Board Member


Thomas Sharkey, Esq.
Board Member


Rachelle Snow
Executive Secretary


Robert Tessier, Esq.
Board Member, Treasurer and Secretary

Available Grants

Grant Application Requirements

The mission of the JW Foundation is to support organizations and projects that increase access to the Courts and/or which improve the image and public understanding of the Courts. It is a charitable organization, recognized as such by both the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board.

Grant seekers are requested to submit a written grant application that meets our requirements.

For a printable copy of our grant application requirements - click here

Awarded Grants

With the assistance of donations and pledges from Judicate West and others, we are excited to report the funding of one grant to date during the current year.

2013 Grants

Grant Awarded: WJC (Western Justice Center) - 2013 Peer Mediation Invitational

The Western Justice Center's Peer Mediation Invitational program is an annual event hosted by Western Justice Center and the U.S,. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The Invitational is designed for peer mediators throughout Los Angeles County in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Read the - Grant Acknowledgement Letter.

2012 Grants

Grant Awarded: WLALA (Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles) - Power Lunch Program, 2011-2012

The Power Lunch Program is a collaboration of the Los Angeles Superior Court and Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles which provides education and mentorship for high school students. They are brought to the courthouse over a lunch period to meet with Judges, attorneys and other court personnel and are exposed to the Constitution and the legal profession. The program has an amazing impact on these young people's lives and gives them inspiration to work hard and aspire to pursue careers in the legal profession. Letters of commendation for the Power Lunch Program were received from Los Angeles civic leaders as well as the Mayor's office. JW Foundation's donation will support 2-3 lunches and will impact approximately two hundred students. Significantly, just days after we awarded this grant, WLALA was informed that it would receive a high honor for this program at the American Bar Association's Annual Meeting in Toronto in August. I attended the meeting at which the award was presented and WLALA announced that the JW Foundation was supporting the program this coming year.

Grant Awarded: North County Lifeline, Inc. (San Diego) - Peer Mediation Training Program - Washington-Olive School (K-8) 2011-2012 School Year

North County Lifeline is a non-profit human services agency with four decades of expertise working with youth and families in North San Diego County. They offer programs that assist low-income youth and families, families in crisis, youth at risk of entering or continuing in the juvenile justice system with needed services and legal advice. Lifeline served nearly 17,000 individuals during the 2009-2010 fiscal year, a third of which were under age 18. JW Foundation's funding will be used to establish a Peer Mediation program at a newly merged K-8th grade school in the Vista Townsite neighborhood in San DiegoCounty, which is a low-income, high-crime neighborhood with an entrenched gang problem. The Peer Mediation program equips students with the skills they need to exist without fear of confrontation and teaches them how to defuse volatile situations before they escalate into violence. Lifeline's Peer Mediation Program teaches students how to help their fellow classmates resolve conflict successfully and peacefully. The conflict resolution process teaches students lifelong skills and how to become excellent communicators and negotiators, skills that are highly desirable to future employers.