Record Of Success

For the last 28 years, Judicate West has been raising the bar as The Gold Standard for Private Dispute Resolution.

We expend a considerable amount of time and energy vetting, attracting and retaining the industry's most sought after neutrals that share our common goal - pursuing excellence and delivering on our commitment to raising the bar for ADR. Exceeding expectations is critical to us; below are a few examples of the feedback we routinely receive from our clients.

Testimonials about JUDICATE WEST's Client Services

"When it comes time to select a neutral, whether it is an arbitrator or mediator, both sides of the bar can agree to use a panel from Judicate West. It is well-known that their neutrals have the highest level of professional integrity, with expertise in a wide range of cases, covering all areas of law. The administrative staff is courteous, professional and well-trained, ensuring the most efficient handling of a case from start to resolution. Judicate West is the go-to organization to help the parties in a dispute move forward towards a positive outcome."

- Distinguished Insurance Defense Litigator

"It was always heard around our firm how we chose mediators and arbitrators, not providers; but now Judicate West has become the exception. I routinely find our attorneys prefer Judicate West for recommendations for new top talent that ends up entrenched on our short list as a firm favorite."

- A Partner at a Los Angeles defense firm

"There is no alternative resolution company even close to JW in my opinion."

- Partner at a San Diego Law Firm

"Everyone at my firm was very pleased with the handling of this matter, we appreciated having a point person to go to and anytime I needed something done the response time was great. Everyone we dealt with was very friendly and professional."

- Attorney at the Southern California office of a national law firm

"My firm has worked with Judicate West for more than 20 years. They stand head and shoulders above other ADR providers in terms of the quality of their neutrals, the courtesy and professionalism of their staff, their office space (and of course their food- optional)."

- Prominent Orange County Trial Lawyer

"We take all of our mediations to you and have always liked your efficiency and client oriented services. You are just the best, and there?s no sense saying it isn't true! I'm very glad to have another fine panelist to help my clients resolve their disputes. I send my best regards and thanks for your fine work."

- Plaintiff attorney in Orange County who specializes in business and real estate litigation and used a newly retired Judge as Mediator in a complex case

"Hands down, the reasons I like Judicate West are because of the talented Panel of Neutrals, the reasonable fees, and the best service around!"

- LA defense attorney who is a frequent user of dispute resolution services

"I appreciate that JW has gone the extra distance to find out as much about the case as possible in suggesting the right mediator. Also, I am amazed at how frequently both the plaintiff and defense are readily agreeable on using a neutral from JW"

- A named partner in a firm and Board Member of the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel

"During a mediation I had the opportunity to spend a substantial amount of time in the reception area of your office. I was so impressed by the client handling of the front desk administrator; I felt the need to comment in writing. The telephone manner was extremely courteous and they checked on me several times throughout my stay to see if I needed anything. I've managed offices in the past and have had more opportunities to wait in reception areas then I care to count. This was so unusual I found myself making mental notes as to why this was so different. I just wanted to pass on a very favorable impression."

- Excerpt from a letter from the client of an attorney who was in an all day mediation

"NONE of the other ADR services compare to JW. Var Fox (owner), Cris Jarrell (Director of Case Management), the staff working at the various JW offices and the neutrals at JW are second to none. Professionalism and integrity each step of the way. I have been working with JW for over 14 years and will continue to do so for many, many years moving forward. JW has been a valuable asset for my practice and for my clients."

- Acclaimed Orange County Plaintiff Attorney

"I wish to commend the hospitality and efficiency of the entire Judicate West staff during the handling of this matter. It was a very positive experience, and I am most satisfied having chosen your company to facilitate our Dispute Resolution needs."

- Excerpt from a letter from a first time client